LTC PBM Solutions

MedCall was founded by long-term care pharmacists and understands a client’s needs by offering competitive prices, outstanding service, and solid support. They are a leading national provider of backup pharmacy services. 

A flexible, fee-for-service model means clients only pay for the services they need, saving 25 –40% on backup pharmacy bills. MedCall gives you more time with patients and less time with paperwork by consolidating pharmacy billing to end the hassle of multiple invoices from multiple pharmacies.


Hospice PBM Solutions

Hospice Pharmacy Solutions joined Care Services in November 2015 when it merged with Outcome Resources. This created a top-tier PBM with services specifically geared to the needs of hospice providers. The combined operation offers innovative solutions and exceptional clinical programs delivered by dedicated professional staff.

Hospice Pharmacy Solutions was established in 2001 and is based in Dallas, TX, and Rocklin, CA. Clinical pharmacists, account managers, and trained customer service representatives deliver the services hospices need to provide compassionate, cost-effective care. Hospice Pharmacy Solutions offers customized formularies, monthly management reports, patient medication reviews, and relevant educational opportunities. The company has a network of more than 65,000 pharmacies and offers around-the-clock customer service.


STAT Delivery Solutions

Managing STAT deliveries just got easier with Complete Delivery Solution. A national provider of same-day delivery services, Complete Delivery Solution's focus is on delivering time-sensitive packages within 2-4 hours of a scheduled delivery.

Complete Delivery Solution’s simple online customer portal makes it quick and easy to schedule, monitor and analyze STAT deliveries. With a network of 2,100-plus delivery vendors, Complete Delivery Solution lets clients focus on patient care and reduce the unnecessary time and expense associated with finding and scheduling STAT orders.